NVFR (H) - Night VFR for helicopters

night vfr

NVFR (H) training for night flights in a helicopter

As a private helicopter pilot, you are obliged to end your flight within 30 minutes after the sunset. This unfortunate limitation prevents us from taking longer flights and gaining new experiences related to flying at night. NVFR (H) qualification allows getting a new perspective onto city lights. Discover new possibilities and expand your qualifications with NVFR (H).

Night VFR - Fly at night
<> Fly at night
Night VFR requirements for new qualifications
<> A requirement for new qualifications
Night VFR - Unforgettable experience of night flights
<> Unforgettable experience of night flights

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    What are the preliminary requirements for NVFR (H) qualifications?

    • having at least 100 flight hours on PPL(H) license,
    • possess an aviation-medical certification of 2nd class.


    What else is worth knowing about NVFR (H)?

    NVFR (H) training within the PPL(H) license is not subject to VAT tax.



    What does NVFR (H) qualification allow me to do?

    • flying at night in a helicopter,
    • qualification is especially handy during winter and autumn when nights are longer,
    • the possibility of taking international night flights under the condition that the license owner has an ICAO 4 English certification.


    What is the price of the NVFR (H) training?

    The NVFR (H) training consists of theory and practical stages that take place at Zonda Aero Aviation Organization. The training starts at 31000 PLN.

    Zonda Aero Bydgoszcz, Poland, Europe