Flight instructors

Get to know our flight instructors crew!

Aeroplane pilots

Krystian Makuch

Head of Training. An experienced theoretical and practical instructor. He possesses a complete set of instructor qualifications: FI-CPL/, FI/ME/IR, and MCCI. His career as a pilot started with aircraft like PC-12NG. Working in Polish Airlines LOT for over 5 years now flying B737CL/NG/MAX as a captain. Currently a pilot of B787. Flight hours: 4800h


Łukasz Sikorski

Head of the practical training instructors. He started his adventure with aviation 10 years ago, after many years of running the company, he decided to continue his aviation passion, which turned into a profession. He started his career as a disposable pilot in business aviation. For 3 years, a Honda Jet pilot in the JET STORY company. Instructor raid 1400h.


Igor Świtakowski

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at ZONDA.aero since 2021. Passionate for aviation, started his career at age of 15 as a glider pilot. More than 10.000 hours in the air. Experience gained on small piston airplanes, regional turboprops, business jets and Ryanair Boeing 737 where he works as a Line Training Captain. Qualified compliance auditor with many years of successful management history.

"Knowledge is the best safety tool on board".


Grzegorz Mosakowski

Grzegorz Mosakowski

In aviation for over 11 years now. Started with gliders, followed by aeroplanes that led to a university degree in PWSZ Chełm in commercial aviation.

Licenses: SPL, ATPL with qualifications: SEPL, MEPL, FI, FI CPL, IR, IRME, glider towing, B737/300-900.

Interested in (apart from aviation): motorsport and railway.


Tomasz Ciszewski

Airline pilot. Specialist in implementing security procedures at Zonda.Aero.


Tomasz Szczepaniak

FI(A) instructor in Zonda Aero since 2020. He is a technical school graduate with a title of Master of Engineering. Qualifications: CPL(A), IR/ME, ICAO ENG LEV5.


Sebastian Grzywa

Sebastian Grzywa

Glider and aeroplane instructor for SPL, PPL(A), CPL(A), FI FI MCC. Runs theoretical training for PPL(A), ATPL – aerodynamics and flight mechanics, theoretical instructor training. Airline pilot, currently flying B787 PLL LOT. Previously the pilot of B737 and business jets. He received his basic training in 2000, Politechnika Rzeszowska graduate.


Kazimierz Czerwiński

His aviation journey started with gliders training in 1973. A few years later, he continued, obtaining the commercial pilot license. He is a flight instructor since 1991. 5000 flight hours - 3700 hours of which as a flight instructor. 1050 gliders flight hours - 510 of which as an instructor. Currently an instructor for LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A) licenses and FI(A), VFR Night, and MEP(L) qualifications.


Adrian Świczerewski

At the age of 16, he started with gliders training in aeroclub in Bydgoszcz. The interest quickly evolved into a passion. Thus, he decided to continue his education in Politechnika Rzeszowska - Aviation and Astronautics - specialising in pilotage, where he obtained the necessary qualifications and commercial license. Currently, flight instructor and aviation training specialist. Everyday, he sets new ambitious challenges for himself and others.


Helicopter pilots

Cezary Remiński

Cezary Remiński

Deputy Head of training for helicopters.

A pilot, instructor, and helicopter examiner.

Flight hours: 5500h, 1200h as an instructor.

Currently working in LPR as a HEMS pilot.


Roman Sumara

Roman Sumara

His journey with aviation started in 1977 with a glider training in Łososina Dolna, where he received a silver badge of gliders. Then he switched his interest into rotorcrafts. Ever since 1979, he flies helicopters to this day. His helicopter career started in military aviation, onto police aviation, and now for 17 years in civil aviation. He built 6500 flights hours, 2100h as an instructor in many different flight organizations as well as LKE examiner. He got a chance to fly such helicopters as SM-1, Mi-8, W-3 Sokół, EC-135, EC-130, EC-120, Bell-206 JetRanger, MD-500, Hu-269, R-44, ENF-28.


Technical Service

Karol Lica

Technical service of aircrafts.


Dariusz Skorupski

Technical service of aircrafts.


Dominik Motoła

Technical service of aircrafts.


Damian Gładysiewicz

Technical service of aircrafts.



Joanna Mórawska

Management assistant.


Maciej Lewosiński

Marketing and sales Specialist


Julia Stone

ATO office service.


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