PPL(H) training for a Private Helicopter Pilot

PPL(H) license – Private Helicopter Pilot

If these are your first steps in aviation, but you would like to start with helicopter – PPL(H) training is just for you. PPL(H) license owner is qualified to be a pilot-in-command or a second pilot in each helicopter used for different than commercial purposes.

<> Fly internationally in a helicopter

<> The first step to becoming a commercial pilot

<> Acquire new licenses and qualifications

What are the requirements to participate in PPL(H) license training?

  • The minimum age at the start of the training is 16 years old,
  • The minimum age at the time of applying for the license is 17 years old,
  • Part-MED aviation-medical certificate of at least 2nd class.

What is the PPL(H) training program at Zonda Aero?

  • Theory stage,
  • At least 45 hours of flights on Robinson R44,
  • Theory exam at Civil Aviation Authority,
  • Practical exam and obtaining PPL(H) license.

PPL(H) helicopter pilot license – what else should you know?

  • The PPL(H) license training is a subject to 23% VAT tax rate,
  • The cost of theory and practical exam at the Civil Aviation is posted on the authority’s website.

What can you do with PPL(H) license?

  • PPL(H) license allows for starting the training for CPL(H) commercial pilot license.
  • Fly internationally provided that the license owner obtained an ICAO 4 English certificate (International Civil Aviation Organization)
  • Fly helicopters during the day

What is the cost of PPL(H) training?

PPL(H) license training at Zonda Aero is divided into theory and practice. The theory training is listed at 4500 PLN whilst the practice starts with 95000 PLN.

What helicopter is used for PPL(H) training at Zonda Aero?

Zonda Aero Organization uses a reliable Robinson R44 helicopter. It stands out with its 600km range and a maximum speed of 240km/h. Great visibility and four-seater interior make it one of the most popular helicopter models in the world.

Still not sure if this training is for you? Book an introductory flight where you will have a chance to control the helicopter and learn the basics of aviation.

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