Helicopter training courses

Does the sound of a helicopter flying over make you want to get behind the steers of it? If you responded affirmatively, it means you are in the right place. Helicopter training at Zonda Aero offers a full scope of theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow you to obtain a helicopter pilot license.

aeroplane pilot training

Flight time building

Acquire experience flying aircraft like Cessna, Pipistrel or Tecnam. Book an aeroplane and take off!

Regardless of your intention – becoming a commercial pilot or developing your passion for aviation – you must first start with a private pilot course. It is the most crucial license a future pilot will obtain as it allows learning the basic abilities and habits so important in every pilot's career.

Helicopter training at Zonda Aero takes place on Robinson R-44. It is a four-seater light helicopter featuring extraordinary ergonomics, economy, visibility, multifunctionality, and reliability. Book an introductory flight to check if the helicopter training is to your liking. Step by step, you will get the knowledge about each stage of flying. 

Learn from the best! Our instructors fly air ambulances and belong to Polish Helicopter Team. They share their vast knowledge about flying a helicopter both in Polish and English languages. 

Zonda Aero Bydgoszcz, Poland, Europe