Distance learning - aeroplane or helicopter pilot courses

Online pilot training courses

Before we even start thinking about practice, we are obliged to learn the theory of the given subject. This approach applies to aviation too, as we are able to go through the basics before we take our first flight. Online theoretical training is a course that allows you to complete the majority of lessons without leaving your home.

We prepared, the first in Poland, a spoken e-learning course for PPL(A) and LAPL(A) licenses. Such an approach helps to acquire theoretical knowledge easily and effectively at home.

The remaining training takes place via MS Teams and is coordinated by our instructors. These are live classes in which students get a chance to ask questions.

The distance learning available on our e-learning platform complies with the training program submitted by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The two-stage online training system

First stage

The first stage of the course is passing the consecutive course modules within the electronic system of the individual subjects stated in the learning program. The system does indeed introduce a daily limitation of learning hours, in accordance with the regulations and law of the European Union, but the program anticipates completing the course within a minimum of 3,5 weeks.

Second stage

The second element of the course is the stationary classes. This stage allows you to take one of the two options:

– Stationary classes in our Aviation Training Organization at Bydgoszcz airport – two-day course (usually the gatherings happen once a month; nevertheless, we are open and flexible when it comes to the exact date) as well as an exam, summarizing the entire course.

– Stationary classes in an aero club or different organization that has signed a contract to run the training on our behalf.

Currently, due to the pandemic, it is possible to complete the second stage of the course online via MS Teams. *Does not refer to the exam.

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