CPL(H) commercial helicopter pilot license

commercial helicopter pilot CPL(H)

CPL(H) license for a commercial helicopter pilot

Do you want to take advantage of your passion for helicopters and start a career in commercial flights? Perhaps you want to help others and become an air ambulance pilot at LPR? Regardless of your motivation, you will need a CPL(H) license for a commercial helicopter pilot. The license allows for flying a helicopter as a pilot-in-command or the 2nd pilot for commercial purposes.

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    commercial helicopter pilot license cpl(h)

    What are the requirements for CPL(H) training?

    • the minimum age at the start of the training is 18 years old,
    • possess an aviation-medical certification of 1st class,
    • possess a PPL(H) license,
    • have at least 155 flight hours.


    What is the training program for CPL(H) license at Zonda Aero?

    • Theory training via an e-learning platform,
    • Exam at the Civil Aviation Authority,
    • Practical stage of CPL(H) training using Robison R44 helicopter
    • The training ends with an exam at Civil Aviation Authority and obtaining the license

    What else is worth knowing about CPL(H) license training?

    CPL(H) training is not a subject for 23% VAT tax.


    commercial helicopter pilot training cost

    What are the advantages of obtaining a CPL(H) license?

    The owner of a CPL(H) license is allowed to perform commercial flights what opens new career paths like becoming an air ambulance pilot or a pilot in specialized operations. What is more, CPL(H) owning pilot can proceed further with his/her qualifications and become a flight instructor that can run courses and test the competence of the future pilots.


    What is the cost of CPL(H) training?

    CPL(H) training in Zonda Aero starts at 70000 PLN.

    What helicopters are used for the practical stage in CPL(H) courses at Zonda Aero?

    The trainees get a chance to control Robinson R44 which gained its popularity thanks to the great economy and spectacular visibility from the cabin. Learn more about this helicopter here.


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