In cooperation with  Bristol Groundschool -Europe’s leading provider of modular distance learning courses  for  the  EASA  Airline  Transport  Pilot’s License(ATPL)–we  would  like  to offer ATPL(A) theory  course  divided  into  e-learning  and  4  weekend  sessions.  First-to-market,  innovative  and intuitive training materials have set the standard for ground school study in the aviation training market,  with  a  proven  success  rate  far  in  excess  of traditional  classroom-based  or  iPad-only learning.

The whole theory course consists of two parts:

  • First part of the training consists of particular topics divided into modules of e-learning at the platform. Each module consists of a certain number of lessons and self-tests to check your results of learning.
  • Second part of the training is 4 two-day sessions of classes at our school. There is no  exam  at  the  end  of  the  course. We  are  up  to  date  with  your  progress  via  administration account at GS Bristol system.  In order to help future pilots to comprehensively prepare for the exam, we offer free access to the set of examinational tests that are based on already published official examination questions.

After you finish the course, you still have 12-month access to free tests so you can easily verify your knowledge before taking the exam.

Moreover, we offer our assistance to order training manuals that are required during the course.

In order to begin the classes, there must be a group of at least ten students.

Total cost of ATPL(A) theory course is 1100,00* Euro

*All prices shown may be subject to change


– An applicant must be at least 17 years old to Begin the course

– at least lower secondary education or equivalent

– medical certificate Part-MED adequate for pilot’s license

– at least PPL(A) license obtained

– valid pilot license