Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization CAMO

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization CAMO

Continuing airworthiness CAMO is a set of activates required to ensure that the given aircraft complies with the requirements stated in the regulations of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. According to those regulations, it is mandatory to preserve an aircraft in the state of readiness for safe flights and keep the necessary documentation. Not applying to the rules makes the aircraft only a machine equipped with various devices. Therefore, CAMO is an essential part of owning an aircraft.

Continuing Airworthiness CAMO in Zonda Aero – why is it worth it?

Thanks to our services your machine will be continuously ready to take a flight – just leave the needful to us.

Every day we provide individually selected high-quality services that help our clients achieve their goals. We offer bundles of reliable maintenance programmes, and we also ensure that they comply with the latest EASA regulations.

We help to register aircraft – both used and new ones. Following the rules of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, we can offer the highest standards of aircraft management. We are consistently expanding the scope of aircraft that can be serviced in our organization.

What aircraft can be serviced in Zonda Aero?

Zonda Aero has received a certification of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization CAMO from Civil Aviation Authority with the scope of:

  • ELA 2 aeroplanes,
  • ELA 2 balloons.

Can I fly my aircraft without CAMO?

The owner or lessee of an aircraft, according to the UE law with the intention of following the EASA rules, is obliged to maintain his/her aircraft in continuing airworthiness and repudiates to fly if:

  • The aircraft is not a state allowing it to take off,
  • Installed operational and emergency devices are not working properly and/or are incorrectly mountedo,
  • Continuing airworthiness certification expired,
  • Aircraft maintenance does not follow the guidelines.

What maintenance services are provided as part of CAMO?

  • Documentation management,
  • Aeroplane exploitation time monitoring,
  • Airworthiness inspections,
  • Inspection of components with limited service life,
  • Day-to-day technical service,
  • Modifications,
  • Implementation of the bulletin recommendations.

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