VFR Night Flying – night flights qualification

VFR Night Flight – night flights qualification – Night Vision Flight Rules

Did your past flights have to end before the sunset? Do you wish you could get rid of that limitation and fly at any time? You just found yourself a place where you can get a VFR Night qualification, which would allow you to fly during the night. Our experienced and qualified crew will guide you through thorough training, simultaneously showing Bydgoszcz city from a rather unusual perspective. Thanks to this training you will be an expert on night flights. From now on, the time of the day is no longer a restriction for you – you will get to experience brand new impressions.

VFR Night qualification is a light aircraft and private pilot license extension that allows the owner to take night flights in accordance with the VFR rules. 

Fly after the sunset

Unlock new licenses

Gain experience during night flights

What are the requirements for the VFR Night course?

  • PPL(A) or LAPL(A) license,
  • at least 5 flight hours on the same type of aircraft that will be used for VFR Night training,
  • Part-MED aviation-medical certificate of at least 2nd class,
  • 5 landings in the last 2 weeks preceding training on the type of aircraft on which the training will take place.

What does the VFR Night training program look like?

5 hours of theoretical training in the field of: 

  • VMC minimum conditions and night flight rules,
  • rules for control airspace at night, using map in cabin lighting,
  • aircraft navigation lights and collision avoidance rules,
  • physiological aspects of night vision and orientation, delusions,
  • dangers of loss of orientation at night and its recuperation,
  • the dangers of deteriorating meteorological conditions at night, dangerous phenomena, interpretation of weather forecasts,
  • on-board instrument systems, their functions and failures,
  • instrument lighting and emergency cabin lighting systems,
  • practical rules of night navigation, planning and use of safety heights.

5 hours of practical training which includes:

  • 1 hour of navigational flight with at least one navigational flight of at least 50 km with an instructor,
  • 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full stop landings.

Thanks to the VFR Night training, the candidate receives qualification entitling him to fly in VFR at night.

What else is worth knowing about the VFR Night course?

VFR Night training within the framework of light aircraft and a private pilot license is not a subject of VAT tax.


What skills can be acquired during the VFR Night qualification training?

During the practical training, the instructors focus on the ability to navigate aircraft in limited visibility. VFR Night training will show you how to take off and land in these new conditions. You will also learn more about the required aircraft preparations before the flight as well as all possible procedures that differ from the day-light equivalents.

What are the advantages of obtaining the VFR Night qualification?

  • completely new impressions of night flights in SEP(L) aircraft,
  • the ability to fly internationally (for PPL(A) license owners) and within the European Union (for LAPL(A) license owners) under the condition of having an ICAO 4 English certificate,
  • VFR Night is mandatory to start IR(A) qualification training – instrument flights,
  • the qualification is especially helpful during long winter and autumn nights.

What is the cost of the VFR Night training?

Ready to take your piloting skills to new heights? Contact us today to arrange your training session. The investment in your future as a proficient night pilot is just 1200 EUR. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your aviation career!

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