MEP(L) qualification

MEP(L) qualification

Would you like to step up the game of your aviation skills? Perhaps you would like to become an airline pilot? The multiengine piston aircraft qualification is an additional extension for commercial and private pilot licenses. Join the sky elites now!

Fly in multiengine aircraft

Required qualification for airline pilot license

Learn how to fly more complicated aircraft

For the pilots with great aspirations, who want to work at commercial airlines, MEP(L) training is an inherent element on their path to success.

What are the requirements for MEP(L) qualification in

  • Part-MED aviation-medical certificate of 1st or 2nd class,
  • CPL(A) license or,
  • PPL(A) license, including 70 flight hours as a pilot-in-command.

What is the MEP(L) training program in

  • 7 hours theoretical course,
  • 6 hours of flights,
  • practical exam and obtaining the qualification,
  • the practical course takes place using the Tecnam P2006T,
  • MEP(L) qualification remains valid for 12 months from obtaining it.


The training program includes circling flights, zone flights, static and dynamic stalling, landing gear extension and retraction, and unsymmetrical thrust flights, among others. Instructors ensure that students understand the limitations of the aircraft used for training and all its operational systems.

MEP(L) training is open for applications throughout the entire year – both as a part of the MEP(L) + CPL + IR(ME) bundle as well as a standalone package.

What is the cost of the MEP(L) course?

  • Discover VAT-free MEP(L) training as an integral part of your commercial pilot license journey.
  • Benefit from VAT exemption on MEP(L) training, an essential module within your commercial pilot license.
  • Access the latest pricing for theory and practical exams directly on the Civil Aviation Authority’s website.


Experience MEP(L) training, meticulously structured into practical and theoretical components. Contact us today to customize your training schedule. Secure your place now for just 2610 EUR.


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