LAPL(A) license - light aircraft pilot license

LAPL(A) - light aircraft pilot license

Do you dream about flying an aircraft? You lack time, but you are keen to get your license? LAPL(A) license training will allow you to put your first steps towards the journey in aviation. Our experienced team will show you how to spread your wings. LAPL(A) is a great way to understand the basics of flying, gain experience, and is a fantastic starting point to obtain new qualifications. Light aircraft pilot license LAPL(A) is a type of pilot license that gives you the opportunity to fly light single-engine aircraft of up to 2000kg for non-commercial purposes. 

The fastest way to start flying

LAPL(A) license is valid for life

Obtain PPL(A) license faster

What are the preliminary requirements for LAPL(A) training?

  • – minimum age of 16 years at the start of the training,
  • – minimum age of 17 years at the moment of applying for the license,
  • – Part-MED aviation-medical certificate of LAPL class.

What is the LAPL(A) training program in


Theory: The two-stage online training system

The theoretical training program is conducted according to European standards and FCL regulations. The PPL(A) theoretical training is offered in Polish or English, based on a program approved by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority and certified by ATO Our unique e-learning course for the Private Pilot License (PPL(A)) can be accessed on mobile devices anytime.

Self-study: 82 hours of theoretical lessons.
Instructor-led classes: 13 hours of group sessions held online via MS Teams during weekends. There is no need to arrive to facilities.


The theoretical training concludes with an internal exam and the issuance of a certificate, which is recognized in all EASA member countries. A medical certificate, minimum class 2 as per FCL requirements, is required for solo flights during practice for PPL(A).

Course Subjects:

The PPL(A) theoretical training includes the following subjects:

  1. Aviation Law: Understanding regulations and legal frameworks.
  2. Human Performance and Limitations: Studying physiological and psychological factors affecting pilots.
  3. Communication: Learning proper aviation communication protocols and procedures.
  4. Meteorology: Analyzing weather patterns and their impact on flight.
  5. Principles of Flight: Understanding the fundamentals of how airplanes fly.
  6. Operational Procedures: Learning standard operating procedures for various flight scenarios.
  7. Flight Performance and Planning: Calculating and planning flight operations.
  8. Aircraft General Knowledge and Navigation: Gaining knowledge about aircraft systems and navigation techniques.’s structured approach to pilot training ensures a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of flying, meeting all regulatory requirements and preparing students for a successful career in aviation.


Our LAPL(A) program ensures a thorough and immersive flight training experience at Gdańsk and Bydgoszcz International Airports, ideal for aspiring pilots.

Aircraft Options

Train in top-notch aircraft:

  • Cessna 150/172
  • Tecnam P2008JC

Training Structure

Practical Training:

  • Duration: Minimum of 30 hours
  • Focus Areas:
    • Basic flight maneuvers
    • Navigation skills
    • Emergency procedures
    • Takeoffs and landings

Practical Exam:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your flying skills, leading to the LAPL(A) license.

Supportive Learning Environment

Our seasoned instructors provide continuous support, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills needed to excel. They offer personalized guidance, addressing all your questions and tailoring the training to suit your learning pace.

Start your aviation journey with Zonda.Aero and achieve your LAPL(A) license with expert training and unparalleled support. Fly with confidence and skill, ready to explore the skies!

What else is worth knowing about LAPL(A) license?

  • The LAPL(A) license training is a subject to 23% VAT tax rate.
  • The cost of theory and practical exams at the Civil Aviation is posted on the authority’s website.

What are the advantages of obtaining the LAPL(A) license?

  • it is the fastest way to start flying,
  • take up to 4 people on a flight with you,
  • possibility of applying for night flights qualification,
  • fly all around European Union – *the LAPL(A) license owner is required to have ICAO 4 English certification for flights outside the country that issued the license,
  • get PPL(A) license in a shortened course.

What is the cost of LAPL(A) license training?

To successfully complete the LAPL(A) training, you must finish both the theoretical and practical stages.

Theoretical Training:
– Cost: 750 EUR
– Format: Individual sessions with an instructor

Practical Training:
– Cost: 5100 EUR
– Includes: 30 hours of flight training with hands-on practice in selected aircraft

Our comprehensive program ensures you receive personalized attention and high-quality instruction throughout your training journey. Start your path to becoming a licensed pilot with Zonda.Aero today!

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