Introductory flight in an aeroplane or a helicopter

Introductory flight – first steps in aviation

The decision of starting an aviation course is certainly not simple. Nevertheless, nothing stands in our way to make this decision a little bit easier. An introductory flight is an excellent way to find out if this is the right field for us. Select an aeroplane or a helicopter and take off for a 30, 45 or 60 minutes flight with a flight instructor, who will explain the basic knowledge about the functioning of an airport and aircraft, flight navigation as well as flight communication. Take control in your hands and see how it is to be a pilot.

What aircraft are used for introductory flights in

The introductory flights take place in the following aircraft models:

  • Cessna 150,
  • Cessna 172,
  • Tecnam P2008JC,
  • Robinson R44,
  • Robinson R66,

You can find out more about each aircraft by reading about our fleet here.

What are the requirements for an introductory flight?

A person applying for an introductory flight should:

  • be at least 16 years old – those below the age of 16 need the approval of a legal guardian,
  • weight less than 105 kg,
  • listen to a short introductory lecture before getting in an aircraft.

What parts does the introductory flight consist of?

  • a circular flight (beginning and ending at the same airport) at the previously set time,
  • short lecture where the participant learns about the basic rules of aviation and evaluation of the weather condition,
  • the participant learns about the important factors of technical inspection required before each flight,
  • the possibility of taking control over the aircraft under the supervision of an experienced instructor,
  • the clarification of the basic rules of radio communication.

What is an introductory flight?

An introductory flight is nothing else but a part of the actual pilot training which is always the first element of each course. It allows both the attendee and the instructor to gather information about the predispositions of the participant to become a pilot. Being a part of each basic pilot training, those who went through the introductory flight can resign from that element in their future course.

Where does the introductory flight take place?

Our organization is located on the premises of Bydgoszcz Airport, therefore, all the flights take place in a controlled environment. The introductory flights start and end at the same airport.

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