FI(A) – flight instructor training

FI(A) – flight instructor training

Do you have great experience and vast knowledge about aviation that you would like to share? Do you find satisfaction in teaching others? In both case scenarios, we think that FI(A) course is the way to go for you. It is worth asking the question – who a flight instructor is exactly? It is a person whose main goal is to use his knowledge and skills to teach someone how to fly an aircraft – this person could be you!

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What are the requirements to start an FI(A) training?

  • within 6 months prior to the start of the training, the student needs to pass a control flight with a FI(A) flight instructor to validate the eligibility of the candidate,
  • 10 hours of instrument flights on the given category of aircraft with no more than 5 hours of practice time on the ground using the FSTD device,
  • 20 hours of VFR night flights as a pilot-in-command on the given category of aircraft,
  • at least 200 flight hours on aeroplanes – 150 hours of it as pilot-in-command,
  • at least 30 flight hours on single-engine aircraft with at least 5 hours flew within 6 months prior to the control flight specified in FCL.930.FI lit.a, perform a navigation VFR flight as a pilot-in-command in the distance of at least 540 km (300 nautical miles), during which the candidate has to make 2 full landings at 2 different airports.

What is the Flight Instructor Training program?

  • student’s theory knowledge update and revision,
  • methodology training within the scope of air and ground training,
  • ensuring a high skill level of flying of the candidate,
  • teaching the candidate about the rules of basic training and meeting the requirements for a private pilot license.

What is the cost of the FI(A) course?

In order to successfully complete the LAPL(A) training, you should finish the theoretical and practical stages. The price for FI(A) theory is 1500 EUR and is performed in individual formula with the instructor. Practical part of the FI(A) costs 5100 EUR.

What are the advantages of obtaining an FI(A) license?


A person completing the FI(A) course is entitled to conduct light aircraft or private pilot license training inspiring new generations of pilots. The instructor has the ability to lead a course for various qualifications such as night flights, towing, and acrobatics.

What is more, having a required number of flight hours, such an instructor might also conduct training for a commercial pilot license.

Those instructors who comply with the requirements of the minimum number of flight hours and obtained licenses can also lead courses for instrument flights training.

What else is worth knowing about FI(A) training?

FI(A) training is not subject to VAT tax.

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