CPL(A) – commercial pilot license

CPL(A) – commercial pilot license

Do you already have a private pilot license and look for another challenge? If your goal is to fly in commercial airlines, but you do not know how to do it, you are in the right hands. CPL(A) license training will allow you to acquire all the skills required to fulfil that dream. The course can be completed together with IR (instrument flights) and ME (multiengine) qualifications to lower the time needed to finish it.

<> Fly internationally

<> Work in commercial airlines

<> Enhance your flying skills

What are the requirements for CPL(A) training?

  • completed ATPL(A) theory course,
  • at least 150 flight hours at the start of CPL(A) practical training,
  • at least 200 flight hours at the moment of applying for a CPL(A) license,
  • minimum age of 18 years old at the moment of applying for issuing the license,
  • Part-MED aviation-medical certification of 1st class.

What is the CPL(A) training program in ZONDA.aero?

  • 250 hours of theory training in extramural and stationary classes (individual and group) or completed ATPL(A) theory training,
  • 81 hours in the framework of module training if the student has only a SEP(L) qualification,
  • CPL(A) or ATPL(A) theory exam,
  • practical exam and obtaining CPL(A) license.

What else is worth knowing about CPL(A) training?

  • The CPL(A) license training is not subject to VAT tax,
  • The cost of theory and practical exams at the Civil Aviation is posted on the authority’s website.

What are the advantages of obtaining a CPL(A) license?

  • The CPL(A) license allows for:

    • taking commercial flights as a pilot-in-command or a second pilot,
    • applying for a position in commercial airlines,
    • obtaining a frozen ATPL(A) after completing ATPL(A) theory training,
    • applying for flight instructor qualifications.

What is the cost of the CPL(A) license training?

The cost for CPL(A) is 6300 EUR. CPL(A) can also be done simultaneously with IR + ME qualifications in attractive package!

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