Aeroplane training

From introductory flights to commercial pilot training, Zonda Aero is a certified aviation organization offering a full spectrum of aeroplane training required to obtain your dream licenses and qualifications.

aeroplane pilot training
Aeroplane training – practical and theoretical

PPL(A) – private pilot license

Become a private pilot. PPL(A) is the basic aeroplane training for all who want to soak into the world of aviation.
aeroplane training europe
Aeroplane training – practical and theoretical


Become a light aircraft pilot. It is the fastest way to fly.
aeroplane training in Europe
Aeroplane training – practical and theoretical


Feel the power and speed of the multiengine aircraft.
aeroplane pilot training

Flight time building

Acquire experience flying aircraft like Cessna, Pipistrel or Tecnam. Book an aeroplane and take off!

A well-developed fleet of aeroplanes, both traditional and modern, equipped with an Integrated Flight System, autopilot, and other amenities allow for safe aeroplane pilot training in accordance with the newest regulations. The simulator provides an opportunity to practice various elements related to take offs, engine start procedures, and numerous activities of air operations and emergencies.

Instructors crew consists of experienced pilots for whom aeroplane training is their daily bread. They have vast aviation knowledge and are very keen to answer all the students’ questions, both in Polish and English.

Our propriety distance learning training is a great way to obtain the theoretical knowledge required for the practical stage of licenses and qualifications. Distance learning classes are processed in accordance with the training program submitted by Civil Aviation Authority.

For those who would plan to finish their practical course as quickly as possible, Zonda Aero offers accommodation within the premises of our organization. Modern interior spaces work wonders during intensive studying for theoretical courses and preparations for the practical stage.

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