About us

We think outside
the box in regard
to flexible approach.

About us

ZONDA AERO Approved Training Organisation is as great as people who embody its mission: instructors, specjalists, pilots, auditors who go above and beyond to see the company succeed and to make the customers satisfied. Our main determinant is the highest level of safety and quality of offered services. After three years of our presence on Bydgoszcz International Airport, the company came back to the right track thanks to new proprietor who enabled the development on a large scale. The culmination of few months of hard work was complete rebraiding – Grafprom Aviation has been replaced by ZONDA AERO. Currently the organisation owns four certificates: ATO- Approved Training Organisation, CAMO – Continuous Airworthness Maintenance Organisation, AMO – Approved Maintenance Organisation and AOC – Air operator’s certificate. We think outside the box on a daily basis in regard to flexible approach to curtomers and time flexibility.

Wide range of aircraft’s types allows young Aviation adepts to choose the aircraft they want. Fleet consists of multiple aircraft such as: Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Pipistrel Virus, Tecnam P2006T and Robinson R-44. There is also an upgraded ELITE FNPTII Simulator perfect for PBN Course (Performance Based Navigation) new EASA-mandated skill.

Our flight school is located on International Airport in Bydgoszcz (EPBY) what gives the inimitable opportunity to perform trainings in controlled airspace and familiarise with the communication from the very beginning of the training.

Our genuine PPL(A) theoretical training is based on spoken e-learning, operating on mobile devices. You can start the theory wherever at your convenience and study at a pace that is right for you. Training is provided in small digestible chunks right at learner’s fingertips. You can go over self-test questions and ensure that you are fully prepared. Distance learning through our platform is performed in accordance with Training Program approved by Civil Aviation Authorities.

The whole building has undergone a complete renovation and modernization, what allowed us to create a resting area for flight crews , so there is no need to look for accommodation for a training period. Pilots can sleep over at the airport – any other hotel does not guarantee morning coffee with a view of the aircraft takeoff.

We are continuously looking for new solutions such as grants and fundings that will help you to meet your objectives and become a pilot.

Customer satisfaction and attention to detail have been a reference ever since the beginning of our activity. Our offer is being developed on an ongoing basis in order to provide the highest quality and meet expectations of the contemporary market.