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Passion for aviation

ZONDA.aero Sp. z o.o. is a certified flight school located in Bydgoszcz airport, Poland. Innovative approach and passion drive us to broaden your and our horizons. The aim is to guide you through the wonders of the world of aviation and teach you how to enjoy all the things connected with it. ZONDA.aero is all about people: instructors, specialists, qualified auditors and one common goal: high safety standards and quality service.

Aviation Training Organization

Take on an unforgettable journey with your close ones. Gift someone or yourself with wonderful memories and admire spectacular landscapes.

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Aviation School in Europe, Poland

The high standard flights

ZONDA.aero is an aviation organization situated on the premises of Bydgoszcz airport focused on one goal – share the passion for flying with others. A well-developed fleet and experienced crew translate into quality and professionalism that grants safety and swift progress. ZONDA.aero allows you to sign in for aviation training, hour building or surprise loved ones – all that in a friendly and joyful atmosphere.

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Aviation training

Aeroplanes or helicopters? Regardless of your choice ZONDA.aero will guide you step by step through all the courses that will lead you to become a pilot. From private to commercial pilot training as well as all qualifications – learn the required techniques to become one of the elite pilots.

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One of a kind experience

Ever wondered how does Bydgoszcz look like from a bird’s eye view? Would you like to get first-hand experience flying in an aeroplane or helicopter? Maybe you would like to surprise one of your relatives? If you answered affirmatively to at least one of these questions, it means that you are in the right place. Select your aircraft and head to the skies.

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Private Pilot License PPL(A) – theoretical training

Online aviation training designed for private pilot license theory. Your first steps in aviation.

540 EUR

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Introductory flight Cessna 172

Check if becoming a pilot is your thing.

245 EUR per hour

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Sightseeing flight in a helicopter for 1 person

Unforgettable journey – view Bydgoszcz from a brand new perspective.

108 EUR for 20 minutes

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I was not sure which aviation training I should take. After consultations with the ZONDA.aero team, I decided on Light Aircraft Pilot Licence. Having finished my introductory flight, I registered for a course and successfully passed all the exams. I could not make it if it was not for the great ZONDA.aero crew.
Zonda opinion - Flight school Europe, Poland Andrzej Sandomierski
It was a wonderful experience – both for my friends and me. An hour flight around Bydgoszcz made us look differently at the city and surrounding areas. We have chosen an aeroplane flight, but next time we are getting a heli!
Zonda opinion - Flight school in Europe, Poland Kamila Werner
I wanted to start my journey with aviation, but I did not know how – especially during the pandemic. Browsing through the ZONDA.aero Aviation Organization’s website, I stumbled upon online theoretical training. I swiftly got through the entire course, and now I can enjoy my practice sessions.
Poland flight school Zonda opinion Przemek Kacperczak


Why ZONDA.aero?

Our team constitutes of an experienced crew that can certainly be named specialists in their field. We have participated in hundreds of flights and trained numerous active pilots. The urge for continuous development ensures that we are always staying up-to-date with the latest trends. We have organized over 300 e-learning courses, and we consistently find new channels of progression for our trainees.

The instructor’s crew is the driving force of our organization. Not only they can boast about uncountable qualifications and deeds in aviation but also high culture and willingness to share their knowledge. Knowing numerous languages, they are capable of training people from all around the world.

The headquarters incorporates an accommodation base which is located within the premises of the actual airport. Therefore, you no longer need to seek a hotel in close proximity to the airport. Enjoy your stay sipping coffee while watching morning take-offs.

ZONDA.aero also means a well-developed fleet constructed with attention to variety and quality. From ultralight and traditional to the newest aircraft and helicopters – there is no boredom with us.

Our offer was designed with people who know a lot about aviation in mind but also those who just started to get familiar with it. All sorts of qualifications and courses, sightseeing and introductory flights as well as pilot training – we are here for you.

A team of experienced mechanics ensures that our aircraft are always ready for a flight. The service is also open for clients interested in comprehensive maintenance of their aircraft.

The safety of the flights is monitored by a Responsible Manager of the Organization. His main task is to utilize resources for the proper management of the organization within the framework of maintaining high safety standard.

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